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I help people create a scalable and fun income source with Print on Demand and Etsy

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I’ll help you turn your passions into PASSIVE income, so you can:

…Wake up to sales that are already fulfilled

…Scale as much and as quickly as you'd like

…Take more days off (and work from ANYWHERE in the world)

…Establish financial freedom (get PAID what you’re worth)

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Melissa C.

Christina is the BEST teacher for this out there! I am up at 559 sales and it's only been since April!

Kaitlan G.

Christina has written a clear, concise, and wonderfully helpful course, and I will be forever grateful to her for doing so. You also get the private Facebook group that comes with it has a TON more information there, and Christina answers every single question and comment (and I do mean every single one!) quickly and in detail. She has cultivated a really friendly and helpful community, and I highly recommend joining if this kind of project is something you’re thinking of starting for yourself.

Kay B.

100% recommend for people interested in starting their Print on Demand business! I was able to start my Etsy shop and post two new listings in one weekend, it was a huge help!! I was also admitted to the POD Facebook group which was amazing for any outstanding questions I had! I can't say enough good things, I'm really happy I purchased this to help me get set up and choose my suppliers. Now I can focus on building my business!

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learn the tips, tricks and strategies to creating passive income through print on demand, whether you are business and design savvy or not.


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